Thuraya partners with SOS Children’s Villages in Africa

Thuraya’s donation includes Public Calling Office units, Thuraya SatSleeves and Thuraya IP+ broadband terminals


Thuraya extends support to ‘Educate a Child, Build a Nation’ initiative

The initiative helps children develop computer literacy skills from a young age


IRG motivates students about careers in the satellite industry

Martin Coleman visited The Grange School in Dorset to motivate pupils about the satellite industry and demonstrate the wealth of career opportunities


Du achieves 98.9% success rate in transferring home services customers

To date, du has converted more than 18,000 homes across several areas in Dubai to GPON



Latest Tech Features

  • Investing in Satellite Life Extension

    As satellite operators are challenged to provide enhanced services to their customers at lower cost per bit, a creative approach is required to meet these new economic demands

  • COTM demystified

    Communications on the move is used in cars, trucks, trains, yachts and aircraft. Clayton Vallabhan speaks with experts in the field on how the technology is evolving, and changing the way we use satellites for seamless connectivity


  • Satellites will fuel the next wave of journalism

    In recent years, major events such as the Arab Spring and the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake have brought the role of citizen journalists into global prominence. As mainstream news outlets adapt to this emerging trend, professional journalists and average citizens alike can explore the use of satellite technology as a key enabler to delivering news from anywhere in the world

  • Changing Lives Through Satellite

    O3b Networks is a next-generation satellite network enabling customers in emerging markets to extend their range and reach of service through fast, flexible and affordable connectivity. Clayton Vallabhan speaks to Mohamed Sadek, MD of O3b, Middle East and Central Asia, about how the company is connecting the world, one link at a time


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“ABS-2 will have a large Ka-band spot beam over the MENA region”

Scott Sprague, the chief operating officer of Asia Broadcast Satellite (ABS) outlines Asia Broadcast Satellite’s plans in the MENA region and offers insights into working with vertical markets and Telcos in particular.


MSTelecom and Intelsat expand satellite broadband agreement

Intelsat has entered into a new, multi-year agreement with MSTelcom, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Angolan national oil & gas company

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