Tricolor TV and Eutelsat collaborate to bring SmartBeam

SmartBeam will be the first satellite network in Russia to deliver video content to mobile devices. Consumers will be able to receive Tricolor TV’s new service in public venues by downloading a user-friendly app on their mobile devices


Intelsat 36 arrives in Kourou

Intelsat 36 was designed with both Ku-band and C-band capacity, and will be used to provide direct-to-home television services in Sub-Saharan Africa as well as television program distribution services in South Asia


Arqiva renews contracts with Eutelsat on two satellites

Ku-band resources on EUTELSAT 10A and EUTELSAT 7B are the backbone of Arqiva’s Europe-wide capability, forming part of its managed global satellite distribution network that connects broadcasters with major broadcast hubs


Intelsat’s 33e HTS satellite reaches Guiana Space Centre

Manufactured by Boeing and equipped with the most advanced digital payload on a commercial spacecraft, Intelsat 33e will extend Intelsat’s high throughput capacity in both C- and Ku-band



Latest Tech Features

  • Commanding the High Seas

    With surging demand for higher bandwidth at lower costs, operators and vendors are looking for ways to increase coverage and improve spectral efficiency for maritime

  • The Evolution of Backhaul

    With rising communication standards like 4G and the recent testing of 5G, the explosion of data is forcing operators to rethink technological solutions for cellular backhaul


  • Crew welfare on maritime vessels

    On-board communication on maritime vessels is improving crew welfare, by giving them the opportunity to speak with their families when they are away for months on end. It also gives access to facilities like telemedicine.

  • Pointing in the Right Direction

    Clayton Vallabhan goes for an exclusive first-hand tour of STN’s teleport facility to see how the company’s teleport is rapidly evolving beyond traditional broadcasting, for greater engagement with OTT, fibre connectivity and vertical industries


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“Coordination is critical in the OU world’

“Coordination is critical in the OU world,” says Samantha McCloskey, Vice President, Global Occasional Use, SES, speaking to SatellitePro ME about the record levels of occasional use capacity deployed during the US presidential elections.


Speedcast wins ACOMM award

SpeedCast has been instrumental in supporting the transmission of vital and sensitive information for military and government operations, such as the Australian Department of Defence


Passing the Torch

On March 1st, Eutelsat’s Michel de Rosen handed the reins to his successor Rodolphe Belmer who is now the new CEO of the global satellite operator. In an exclusive interview with Clayton Vallabhan, Michel de Rosen speaks about his six-years at Eutelsat

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