Nilesat leases Eutelsat 8 West B transponders

The additional transponders booked by Nilesat on EUTELSAT 8 West B complement resources already leased on the EUTELSAT 8 West C


Eutelsat and Media Broadcast ink agreement at IBC

Eutelsat and Media Broadcast, have announced at IBC, that they have inked an agreement for the distribution of the satellite-based IP broadcast solution, NewsSpotter


Etisalat upgrades business broadband packages at no extra cost

Etisalat’s business customers in the UAE are in for a major upgrade as Etisalat boosts broadband speeds by up to 2.5 times for free


Work microwave showcases DVB-S2X modem at IBC

The device is a future-proof modulator-demodulator solution that maximizes flexibility, efficiency, and cost savings



Latest Tech Features

  • COTM demystified

    Communications on the move is used in cars, trucks, trains, yachts and aircraft. Clayton Vallabhan speaks with experts in the field on how the technology is evolving, and changing the way we use satellites for seamless connectivity

  • Collaboration is key in the teleports business

    TV channels in the MENA are on a growth spurt and shows no signs of slowing down; co-operation with other teleports is the only key to success according to Andrej Lovsin, CEO, STN


  • Satellites will fuel the next wave of journalism

    In recent years, major events such as the Arab Spring and the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake have brought the role of citizen journalists into global prominence. As mainstream news outlets adapt to this emerging trend, professional journalists and average citizens alike can explore the use of satellite technology as a key enabler to delivering news from anywhere in the world

  • Changing Lives Through Satellite

    O3b Networks is a next-generation satellite network enabling customers in emerging markets to extend their range and reach of service through fast, flexible and affordable connectivity. Clayton Vallabhan speaks to Mohamed Sadek, MD of O3b, Middle East and Central Asia, about how the company is connecting the world, one link at a time


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The road to Rio

“The industry needs to work towards introducing the Carrier ID technology, with the aim of making it a requirement by January 2015 says Martin Coleman, Executive Director, IRG.


Gulfsat promotes interference free frequency at IBC

Gulfsat is present at IBC once again this year. This will be the company’s fifth consecutive year of exhibiting at the show


MSTelecom and Intelsat expand satellite broadband agreement

Intelsat has entered into a new, multi-year agreement with MSTelcom, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Angolan national oil & gas company

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