Milsatcom: Satcom is fundamental to national security and the economy

The benefits of developing satellite communications for national security and commercial purposes were highlighted at the 4th Annual Milsatcom Middle East conference held in Abu Dhabi


Arabsat Telecom Forum convenes in Morocco

The forum discussed the technical aspects, Payload and Coverage maps of future Arabsat Satellite Missions and the latest technology for Satellite Telecommunications services


Cobbett Hill signs capacity agreement on AFRICASAT-1a

Under the terms of the agreement, Cobbett Hill will use the high-powered AFRICASAT-1a capacity to offer VSAT services to customers in Africa


Intelsat and Azercosmos partner for new satellite

The two companies will closely collaborate on the design of the Azerspace-2/Intelsat 38 satellite and leverage their respective strengths and capabilities during the manufacturing and operational phases of development



Latest Tech Features

  • Beaming knowledge through Satellites

    Yazmi has called for governments across Asia, Africa and the Middle East to use its satellite-based end-to-end content delivery system to improve performance outcomes for students and teachers. Shefali Srivastava, VP Finance at Yazmi, provides an insight into the business

  • Airborne Satellite COTM

    Designing satellite airborne COTM infrastructure for the military is challenging. The end-user applications range from routine data and email through flash override VoIP, to high-definition Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) video


  • Ground Control

    With increasing traffic through satellite communication, broadcasting and backhaul, we take a look at how ground-based infrastructure is evolving to take on the challenge

  • Charting the Course

    Ahmed Ali Al Shamsi, CTO of Thuraya, speaks about how the company is moving towards increased diversification, in order to bring its services to vertical industries as well as end users


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“Deliberate interference has increased dramatically since 2011″

Mueid G. Al-Zahrani, VP & Chief Technical Officer-ARABSAT speaks to SatellitePro ME about the operator’s initiatives in the areas of RF interference and deliberate jamming; a preview of the annual conference of the IRG to be held in Dubai from Nov 17-20 2012.


Telenor’s THOR 7 is ready for launch

THOR 7 is a multi-mission satellite equipped with Telenor’s first high performance Ka-band payload, designed to serve the maritime market


The Energy Pipeline

The oil and gas industry is highly reliant on satellite communications for everything from high-speed internet to video-conferencing, and even mission-critical applications like telemedicine

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