Emirati engineers take part in nano sat training programme

The programme included workshops on nano satellite technologies covering a range of topics, including production, testing, costing, control systems, applications and performance


HISPASAT showcases Hispasat 36W-1

It is also the first satellite built on the SmallGEO platform, which was jointly developed by the ESA and the German manufacturer OHB System AG. The design of this platform allows for a substantial reduction in the mass of the satellite


Tamer Group partners with InfiNet Wireless

The InfiNet solution has allowed Tamer Group to deploy and support several business-critical applications with far less management and maintenance


Emirati students to conduct Zero-G training in Japan

In addition to parabolic flight experiments, the young Emirati space pioneers will also receive theoretical training and practical experience in launching rockets, hybrid propellants and polymeric materials



Latest Tech Features

  • Redefining Communications on the Move

    The growth of COTM has been phenomenal in the last few years, with more people expecting to be connected anytime, anywhere throughout the globe. Antennas have become more compact, yet are facilitating more data than ever

  • Commanding the High Seas

    With surging demand for higher bandwidth at lower costs, operators and vendors are looking for ways to increase coverage and improve spectral efficiency for maritime


  • The Winning Formula

    Du has been thriving in a market that was primarily led by another telco operator. Most of it has been due to innovating with new technology, but a large part has also been because of constantly engaging with its customers

  • Trends and Interference

    SatellitePro ME speaks with Jan Hetland, Director – Products and Services, Datacomms at Telenor Satellite, about industry trends and their impact on interference


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The ‘battle’ for spectrum

As LTE takes the place of WiMAX in the ongoing battle for bandwidth, the satellite industry is gearing for the World Radiocommunication Conference in 2015, to protect the spectrum bands it uses, says David Hartshorn, secretary general of GVF.


Thuraya launches SeaStar

Thuraya SeaStar meets the evolving needs of the modern fishing market, introducing the power of modern satellite communications capability to small scale operators


Passing the Torch

On March 1st, Eutelsat’s Michel de Rosen handed the reins to his successor Rodolphe Belmer who is now the new CEO of the global satellite operator. In an exclusive interview with Clayton Vallabhan, Michel de Rosen speaks about his six-years at Eutelsat

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