UAE Space Agency announces competition

The competition invites interested candidates from all age groups and nationalities residing in the UAE to present innovative designs for virtual homes to accommodate the future population of planet Mars


SkyVision and ABS pen partnership

The signing of this agreement will deliver vital communications services via ABS-3A, a premium satellite located at the 3°W orbital position, to effectively meet the growing demand for content and DTH services


MBRSC announces space technologies and satellite applications

The announcement took place during the UAE Innovation Week, one of the most important events in the UAE for the year 2015, aiming to bring about a qualitative shift to the culture of innovation in all sectors and institutions


AfricaCom: Gilat showcases solutions for rural broadband

Along with X-Architecture, optimised for HTS, Gilat will also display its satellite-based solutions for expanding and upgrading cellular networks



Latest Tech Features

  • Connecting Rigs

    EMC, in partnership Alphatron Marine, was asked to successfully manage the complete process of a network plan for AMS. The service called for an end-to-end solution from the design of the networks through installation and 24/7 customer service

  • Reporting from the Field

    With the size of terminals reducing, and data rates rapidly rising, Satellite News Gathering is becoming both a reasonable solution for broadcasters, as well as a failsafe option for critical situational reporting


  • Space Bound

    The successful launch of Eutelsat 8 West B brings much needed additional capacity to the MENA region. We were in French Guiana, exclusively, to witness the launch of the satellite

  • Up in the Air

    Patrick Brannelly, Divisional Vice President of customer experience, IFE and connectivity at Emirates, speaks in an exclusive interview with SatellitePro ME, about how satellite connectivity is revolutionising travel for passengers


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The DVB Standards Debate

Thomas Van den Driessche, director of vertical markets, Newtec, responds to queries by SatellitePro ME on the existing DVB-S2 standards and moves to develop new standards.


The Energy Pipeline

The oil and gas industry is highly reliant on satellite communications for everything from high-speed internet to video-conferencing, and even mission-critical applications like telemedicine

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