Advantech Wireless increases UK facility stock levels ahead of Olympics

by Staff Reporter | July 18th, 2012

Advantech Wireless, a Canadian-based manufacturer of satellite, RF equipment and microwave systems is helping broadcasters to cope with what is destined to be a very active summer of sport.

Advantech Wireless has increased its UK facility stock levels of its satellite amplifiers; frequency converters; DVB-S2 modulators and demodulators; and mobile antenna systems during this key summer period. Advantech Wireless’ UK-based, technical support team are also available to give advice. All products are reportedly special priced and ready for immediate delivery.

“Though Advantech Wireless can’t do much to help with the ups and downs athletic performance, the company is able to assist the broadcasters to keep the news flowing” states Mark Lambert, VP sales & marketing, managing director EMEA region at Advantech Wireless.

“Advantech Wireless’ DVB modulator and demodulator products with built-in multiplexing and encryption options, and our vehicle-mounted and fly-away antenna systems, with fast single-button auto-pointing, are great for getting content in from the field (no matter whether that is the local sports field or that distant battle field).

“Regardless of the choice of physical interface, Advantech Wireless terrestrial microwave solutions can carry a broadcasting signal via DVB-ASI, STM-1, DS/3 or plain IP. In the ASI interface, the radios can carry two ASI streams in both directions at up to 210 Mbps. Optionally, the equipment can be upgraded to carry as much as 8 ASI streams. Each ASI stream carries an independent Multiple Program Transport Stream (MPTS), with either 188-byte or 204-byte packet sizes along with the ability to carry the 10MHz clock to support Single Frequency Network (SFN) infrastructure. Alternatively, for some customers who prefer to carry broadcasting signals via STM-1, DS/3 or IP, Advantech Wireless’ radios support 2xSTM-1, 3xDS/3 and up to 380 Mbps per radio channel.”

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