AfricaCom: Aviat Networks demonstrates CTR 8380

by Clayton Vallabhan | November 17th, 2015

aviat_networksAviat Networks, Inc. is demonstrating the CTR 8380, its new all-outdoor microwave router, at AfricaCom 2015.

CTR 8380 converges IP/MPLS and microwave functions in a single, compact device for all-outdoor deployments. It is the only outdoor router with integrated microwave radio link optimisation capability.

CTR 8380’s zero-footprint design lowers site costs by eliminating need for shelters or cabinets, reducing air conditioning requirements, decreasing power and fuel consumption. Its compact design is also ideal in rooftop for delivering macrocell, small cell and enterprise connectivity.

As a router, CTR 8380 extends IP/MPLS to the cell site, improving network scalability and enabling new IP-based VPN services. With microwave and router integrated in one box, operators do not have as many devices to buy, deploy and maintain—critical for all-outdoor deployments.

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