Arabsat claims signal jamming originates in Ethiopia

by Staff Reporter | June 1st, 2014

Arabsat has claimed that the signal jamming that it has been experiencing for the past week originated in Ethiopia.

Many of its TV channels were subject to intentional jamming and transmitted unauthorised signals targeting different Arabsat bouquets that is disturbing several television channels on many transponders.

The Saudi-based organisation says it resents the illegal act and expressed surprise at this vandalism, given there are no Ethiopian or Eritrean channels among the direct-to-home (DTH) satellite bouquets broadcastvia Arabsat.

“This jamming may be aimed at some opponents’ channels for one of the two countries’ channels that are broadcast on board satellites near Arabsat 26 East neighbourhood or on board other satellites which Arabsat has no relation with,” a statement said.

The operator has assured to its customers that it is tackling this issue both at national and international level. International Telecommunication Union and Arab League has been informed of this issue and several efforts are underway to mediate the situation.

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