Bentley Walker invests in iDirect hub to expand in Middle East

by Staff Reporter | June 21st, 2012

iDirect's Universal 15000 series hub

VT iDirect, Inc. (iDirect), a company of VT Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), announced that Bentley Walker Ltd., an established VSAT network operator in Europe, purchased a Universal 15000 series hub to enhance the company’s satellite service offerings in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bentley Walker’s new hub will run on Avanti’s Ka-band Hylas 2 satellite, which is set to launch in June and will reportedly open up significant new satellite capacity throughout the Middle East and Africa.

The flexibility of the iDirect platform, the company claims, enables Bentley Walker to provide communications solutions to a range of end users in the Middle East, from soldiers who need reliable and secure mobile communications, to enterprise users who require on-demand broadband access for streaming voice, video, and data. With its significant investment in Ka-band capacity, Bentley Walker is reportedly well positioned to offer high speed, low-cost, two-way data communications to its growing customer base in the region.

Bentley Walker will provide satellite capacity through multiple service models, including a managed service model and a Virtual Network Operator (VNO) model. The former option offers end users a turnkey solution for installing and managing an iDirect network, while the latter option gives Bentley Walker partners the flexibility to manage their own services without the ownership commitment of a complete iDirect hub.

“The upcoming launch of the Hylas 2 Ka-band satellite offers an important opportunity for Bentley Walker to enhance our services in the Middle East. With the consistently excellent and reliable technology of iDirect, as well as the new Ka-band capacity we’re getting from Hylas 2, we look forward to offering higher speed service packages on more affordable equipment with a smaller dish than previously possible with Ku service,” stated Anthony Walker, CEO, Bentley Walker Ltd.

“Bentley Walker continues to be an early adopter in the satellite services industry. With the addition of a new hub running Ka-band services, the company is able to offer a complete blended portfolio of services based on the iDirect platform. Through its integrated, multi-band network, Bentley Walker can deliver completely customised satellite solutions to end users based on their unique application requirements. We have worked with Bentley Walker for a long time, and are excited about the opportunity to partner with them again during this important period in the industry,” said¬†Stephen Tunnicliffe, regional vice president, Europe, iDirect

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