Cobham introduces new features for video IP encoder at NAB 2013

by Staff Reporter | April 4th, 2013

Cobham is presenting a new HD MPEG4 IP Encoder at NAB 2013.

Cobham’s Broadcast Systems Director Stuart Brown said, “With this encoder a camera operator can instantly establish bi-directional communication and transmit live, broadcast-quality HD video from anywhere with access to broadband connectivity. The OB truck typically required can usually stay in the garage.”

The encoder provides, the company claims, even more bit rate efficiency with the additional benefit of the ability to operate in standard, low and ultra-low latency modes

The IP encoder is reportedly a light, easy-to-add accessory that enables a reporter to make a news story live wherever there is IP connectivity. The encoder provides, the company claims, even more bit rate efficiency with the additional benefit of the ability to operate in standard, low and ultra-low latency modes. And with power consumption rated at a very low 7-9 watts, the encoder is reportedly capable of extended periods of deployment.

Brown added, “We believe every news cameraman should have one in their bag because it enables them to cover more stories in a shorter time without allowing costs to determine whether a story gets covered. In addition, financial officers will enjoy the fact that fewer truck rolls equate to significant cost savings.”

A control panel on the encoder reportedly enables a cameraman to select a range of different pre-sets directly from the box rather waste time connecting to and configuring via a laptop. It also offers, the company claims, the option of broadcast-standard IFB talkback, which takes advantage of in-built Bluetooth and WiFi for complete wireless connectivity between presenter, camera and the newsroom, including access to IT facilities, email and the internet that can be shared by the entire location crew.

The IP encoder reportedly features connectivity for composite, SDI, HD-SDI and HDMI video inputs, and audio input options that include balanced analogue audio running on 48V phantom power.

The IP encoder also includes a USB port for high speed file uploads or for use with a 3G/4G dongle. The encoder is available in three forms, a small “brick”, camera back or rack mount.

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