Cobham Tactical Communications and Surveillance changes its name to DTC

by Clayton Vallabhan | February 24th, 2016

JP-Delport-Cobham-BroadcastThe company formerly known as Cobham Tactical Communications and Surveillance today announced that it has formally adopted ‘Domo Tactical Communications’ (DTC) as its new company name. Its broadcast subdivision is now called ‘DTC Domo Broadcast’.

The change follows an announcement on 15 January 2016 by former parent company Cobham Plc that it had sold Cobham Tactical Communications and Surveillance (TCS) to Marlin Equity Partners, a leading private equity firm based in Los Angeles, California. The sale was part of Cobham Plc’s strategy to divest “non-core” entities, several of which have been sold by Cobham over the past year.

Upon the January announcement, four Cobham TCS organisations, one of which was broadcast sales, became a unified business under Marlin ownership.

DTC Domo Broadcast Sales Director JP Delport said, “This is an exciting opportunity that will significantly enhance our products and services. We operate independently under Marlin ownership and are well-positioned for internal and external growth. Our customers remain our highest priority and all existing support and communication channels not only remain intact, but will be significantly enhanced under own new ownership.”

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