Comsoft Satellite Services to distribute and install Romantis VSAT products

by Staff Reporter | June 14th, 2012 | 1 Comment

Comsoft Satellite Services GmbH has announced a partnership with Romantis Group, a global provider of satellite capacity and satellite networking equipment, to become a certified installer and distributor for its UHP VSAT products. As a result of the collaboration, CSS will build worldwide VSAT networks in the air traffic control management as well as for non-governmental organisations, based on Romantis UHP technology.

Romantis UHP (Universal Hardware Platform) is reportedly a universal, ultra-compact tool to deploy VSAT networks of any size and topology, like SCPC, controlled (on demand) SCPC, TDM/SCPC, TDM/TDMA, TDM/TDMA Mesh and Full Mesh TDMA. The platform supports various applications: corporate networks, broadband access, SCADA and CCTV, GSM Backhaul, IP SNG, IPTV, Satcom-On-The-Move. Switching between different modes of operation is done remotely under control of the central gateway.

“We selected the Romantis VSAT technology to serve our customers in a very sensitive market where highly reliable products and services are mandatory to survive. We have already implemented several UHP systems in the air traffic control environment with great success. The UHP system was followed by an extensive due diligence of different technologies awarded to respect our customers need for secured long-life equipment. The technology will further expand our product portfolio in order to fulfil our individual customers demand for best in market solutions,” said Markus Tenbeck, managing director of Comsoft Satellite Services GmbH.

“Romantis is very pleased to work with Comsoft Satellite Services GmbH, because they will open new doors and opportunities to customers in the air traffic control and governmental business sector worldwide. One of the key factors and advantages for us to cooperate with Comsoft Satellite Services is the fact that, beside the excellent customer contacts, the management is fully convinced of the UHP technology and will push the sales activities worldwide,” stated Dr. Harald W. Stange, managing director of Romantis GmbH, the European headquarters of the Romantis Group

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