Comtech EF Data integrates satellite block up converter with C2SAT antenna

by Staff Reporter | March 26th, 2012

Comtech EF Data Corporation announced the successful integration of its LPOD Block Up Converter with C2SAT’s 2.4m C Stabilised VSAT Antenna. The integration of the products will provide maritime users with a satellite-based broadband communication solution for oceanic vessels in motion.

The LPOD Block Up Converters were engineered, according to the manufacturer, with efficient thermal and mechanical packaging based on Comtech EF Data’s experience in outdoor RF transceivers. The LPOD eliminates the traditional requirement for the modem to supply a DC power source and a 10 MHz reference to the BUCs and LNBs. The optional internal reference and LNB bias T reportedly simplify multi-carrier operation and provides cost-effective redundancy. The LPOD’s compact size and weight make it suited for installations with limited mounting space.

“The field-proven performance and reliability of Comtech’s offering parallels our commitment to providing robust and reliable systems,” commented Ulf Sundqvist, head of sales for C2SAT. “We now offer the LPOD as a standard catalogue item.”

The C2SAT 2.4m C is a 4-axes marine stabilised VSAT antenna compatible with C-band satellites. The 4-axes antenna allows the RF equipment to move freely, maintaining an optimal position towards the satellite without large and sudden movements even during harsh conditions and heavy seas. The system, according to the manufacturer, does not experience dead angles or high elevation problems. The reported high reliability makes the antennas suitable for main connection points as they can carry large volumes of information without interruption.

“The combination of our BUCs and C2SAT’s stabilized VSAT antenna provides a rugged, weatherproof and seaworthy solution,” said Daniel Enns, senior vice president strategic marketing and business development for Comtech EF Data.

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