Crystal’s SMR solution to defend spectrum for broadcasters

by Staff Reporter | April 7th, 2013

Roger Franklin, CEO and owner, Crystal Solutions

Crystal Solutions has claimed that its Spectrum Monitoring and Recording (SMR) Solution, being demonstrated at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention (NAB), will enable broadcasters to defend the 2 GHz Broadcast Auxiliary Service (BAS).

The 2025 to 2110 MHZ BAS (FCC Part 74) is under a spectrum challenge from the CTIA to repurpose part of this busy service band to mobile broadband usage.  This would have a huge impact on broadcasters, across the globe, potentially interrupting important feeds.

The industry is currently mobilising to form a case against valuable spectrum being repurposed. Crystal Solutions SMR reportedly enables users to make that case by observing, alarming and recording local activity on the BAS Spectrum, as well as creating detailed reports. All seven channels, polarities and carrier bandwidths/channel occupation can be detailed via common spectrum analyser inputs on same and switchable time-sharing inputs.

“The current spectrum challenge could have huge impacts for broadcasters if it goes uncontested,” commented Roger Franklin, CEO, Crystal Solutions. “Crystal Solutions SMR will help the industry provide detailed proof of the importance to broadcasters of this spectrum.”

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