Dubai-based Wiseband delivering data comms to Libya

by Staff Reporter | March 11th, 2013

Wiseband Limited, a UAE-based company, has launched services across Libya on Avanti Communications’ Hylas 2 Ka-band satellite following its launch in August 2012.

Based in the Burj Khalifa, Dubai, Wiseband has launched the “Lucky 7” offer through its reseller network to corporate, banking and small business customers across a country where high-speed internet services are reportedly in short supply.

Wiseband has, the company claims, a strong customer base in the Middle East and Africa , primarily delivering data services to oil and gas operators.

A company spokesman stated that the high data throughput of Avanti’s Hylas 2 Ka-band satellite makes it an ideal platform to deliver high-speed communications services across Libya. The limited telecommunications infrastructure, particularly to the oil and gas fields in the desert, makes satellite the natural choice for multi-national and national companies alike.

Ahmed Hassan Afify, Founder and CEO of Wiseband, said: “Avanti’s Hylas 2 satellite with its Ka-band technology is the perfect platform for us and will make a significant difference to the redevelopment of Libya.”

Matthew O’Connor, Chief Operating Officer at Avanti, said “We are delighted to welcome Wiseband as an Avanti partner.

“Their reputation for serving the oil and gas market is already well established and we look forward to extending the range of services they can offer to their customers through Hylas 2 across the Middle East and North Africa.”


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