ETL Systems partners with Belgian broadcaster

by Clayton Vallabhan | February 8th, 2015

ABETL Systems has completed an upgrade to the IPTV equipment for a Belgian telecommunications giant through a competitive tender.

The upgrade, which replaced existing equipment at the teleport, includes ETL systems patented Vortex Matrices, offering features such as a simple ‘plug & go’ installation and active, hot-swap of components.

The move sees ETL Systems replace existing legacy equipment which has been operating efficiently for over 10 years. The upgrade also added extra capacity and flexibility to the broadcaster.

“We are pleased to be working on this project which will see some of the very best RF distribution equipment fitted at the teleport,” said Andrew Bond, Sales Director, ETL Systems. “With the significant advancements in the V series matrix family, telecoms operators can carry out their operations with unparalleled reliability and resilience.”

ETL Systems’ Vortex Matrices will be distributed in partnership with DigiNet Belgium, a major provider of technical solutions and professional equipment for the broadcast and telecom markets.

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