GATR wins military contract for T2C2 portable terminals

by Clayton Vallabhan | December 21st, 2015

gatrGATR Technologies is known for its round inflatable satellites which have been in use for a few years now but a new duo of light-weight, portable satellite terminals, called Transportable Tactical Command Communications (T2C2) will make their way to more soldiers.

The lightweight units can be easily packed in a box barely larger than a standard suitcase for quick and easy transportation.

“The ball itself is just the structure we are using if you look on the inside the ball itself is a parabolic shaped membrane that is the reflector and what that does is it just concentrates the energy better coming from a satellite and it allows you to get real high bandwidth signal communications,”said Dr. Larry Lowe, the Vice President of Engineering at GATR while at a AUSA conference in Huntsville.

“Our mission as an Expeditionary Signal Battalion (ESB) in the Pacific is to deploy on short notice anywhere within the course of the Pacific theater, which is over 50 percent of the globe,” said Lt. Colonel Mark Miles, commander for the 307th ESB via Army press release. “We as an Army fight on the network, every element has a requirement to be a part of the digital effort that enables our military.”


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