Iraqi Media Network launches broadcast platform

by Staff Reporter | July 17th, 2013

Khaled bin Ahmed Balkheyour, President and Ceo of Arabsat

Baghdad-based Iraqi Media Network has built a satellite TV broadcast platform to broadcast on Arabsat satellites at its Hot Spot 26 degrees East .This bouquet includes radio and TV programmers for all TV channels currently operating from Iraq which crown the mutual cooperation efforts between Arabsat and the Iraqi Media Network to develop AV media infrastructure in Iraq.

Mohammed Abdul Jabbar Al Shabout, Director General of the Iraqi Media Network, stated that launching this bouquet will enable Iraqi and Arab viewers to watch all their favorite channels on a single frequency across the Middle East and North Africa, as well as large parts of Asia and Europe. Its advantages include granting free and competitive subscriptions and dispensing the fixed broadcasters, satellite middleware, which will counter high operating costs for each channel, with the continued high reliability transmission as Arabsat has a full back-up in orbit on its exclusive Hot Spot.

Khalid bin Ahmed Balkheyour, President and CEO of Arabsat, says: “Launching the Iraqi bouquet comes in line to build a digital satellite broadcast platform in Baghdad. We hope to see more joint ventures between Iraqi Media Network and Arabsat.”

Viewers can follow the Iraqi bouquet at: 10,850 MHz polarisation  / Horizontal معدل الترميز 27,500,   FEC 3/4

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