L-3 Telemetry-West to provide InControl for Iridium Next

by Staff Reporter | March 18th, 2012

The Iridium Next is estimated to be one of the biggest commercial space projects in the world today

L-3 Telemetry-West has signed a contract with Iridium Communications Inc. to upgrade the Satellite Control Segment (SCS) for the Iridium Next programme using its InControl software suite. Iridium Next, the most comprehensive commercial space programme currently under way, is a next-generation satellite network scheduled to launch in 2015. The Iridium Next constellation will include 66 low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellites, expanding Iridium’s role in the global communications infrastructure.

“The selection of L-3 TW for the Iridium Next project affirms InControl as an industry-leading fleet management system,” said Burt Smith, president of L-3 Telemetry-West.

“L-3 TW is a valued Iridium partner, playing a key role in enabling Iridium Next so that it ultimately changes the way people and organisations connect, operate and live,” said Scott Smith, executive vice president of satellite development and operations for Iridium.

L-3 TW’s InControl software will enable the Iridium Next SCS by providing core command and control functions. Key InControl system features include significant configurability without code changes, an extensive API and a user-centric fleet management design. The SCS monitors, manages and controls all elements of the current Iridium satellite network and consists of redundant system control facilities, a primary operations center located in Leesburg, Va., and a backup operations centre located in Chandler, Ariz.

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