Marlink reports positive feedback for Sealink VSAT services at Posidonia 2012

by Staff Reporter | July 3rd, 2012

Marlink, a global maritime communications service provider, has reported positive feedback following their recent attendance at Posidonia 2012 in Greece. This year saw significantly increased visitor numbers to Marlink’s stand as it highlighted its Sealink customised VSAT services as a flexible option for maritime transport customers with advanced connectivity requirements.

The Wilhelmsen Group, that has large cross-sector operations in the Gulf region, chose Marlink’s Sealink services using C-band antennas for 37 ro-ro carriers, that conduct global operations

With Marlink’s WaveCallstandardised VSAT services reportedly established in the maritime transport sector, the company was keen to demonstrate the capabilities of fully customised connectivity to operators looking for high-level, complex network solutions to meet very specific operational needs.

Sealink customised services are traditionally used aboard offshore support vessels, oil & gas platforms, cruise ships and ferries. However, with the growth in development of bandwidth-heavy technical IP applications for fleet management and efficiency, and high levels of flexibility required, some global transport operators are turning to customised VSAT to fulfil their requirements.

The Wilhelmsen Group, which has large cross-sector operations in the Gulf region, chose Marlink’s Sealink services using C-band antennas for 37 ro-ro carriers, which conduct global operations. Marlink’s Sealink connectivity ensures that multi-user crew and operational communication can be conducted simultaneously with high-speed and availability whilst also introducing the ability for electronic document handling; a vital part of operations.

Sealink supports The Wilhelmsen Group’s crew retention strategy by reportedly offering reliable global broadband connectivity, which would not be as available if a standardised solution was deployed. Because the customised Sealink services are flexible they can be designed around The Wilhelmsen Group’s specific requirements. This makes it possible to develop the communication foundation for a number of business critical IP applications that require high-bandwidth in order to satisfy heavy continuous use, wherever the vessels are sailing.

Sealink, the company claims, ensures higher bandwidth, reliability and greater flexibility, making it the service of choice in the offshore, cruise and ferry sectors and an attractive option for maritime transport vessels. Marlink is able to design its Sealink services specifically tailoured to a customer’s needs and feature detailed quality of service guarantees. This aspect of Sealink makes it suited for business critical applications and customers with advanced requirements.

“Fast becoming a buzz word across maritime communications, WaveCall standardised VSAT services are advanced enough to cover the majority of connectivity applications for tankers, box-ships and bulkers as proven by our customers here in the Gulf region such as Mideast Ship Management and United Arab Shipping Company, but also the bandwidth, flexibility and scalability that has helped Sealink become established as the customised VSAT service of choice for offshore, cruise and ferry companies. We are now seeing a marked increase of maritime transport sales enquiries as the number of ship management companies opening their operations across the Gulf and India continues to grow. This has subsequently allowed Marlink to strengthen its market position within the regional transportation sector and exceed business targets,” comments Magne Remoy, director Middle East, Africa and India, Marlink.

“The considerable throughput and global availability provided by our Sealink services can support large or specialised maritime transport fleets to ensure crew and operational communication plus technical applications are always available. Because all of our services may be used by maritime transport customers, we work closely with them to ensure that they have the service that best suits their needs, whether based on WaveCall or Sealink.”

From an overall industry perspective, Marlink continues to see a significant increase of maritime cross-sector enquiries and sales as the maritime sector continues to go through a change-phase which is being accelerated by the introduction of advanced services such as Sealink customized VSAT. There is a significant proportion of the shipping industry today that is moving beyond analysis and over to the adoption of standardised VSAT from previous more restricted services. Operators are continually looking at Ku-band VSAT and the additional bandwidth benefits and fixed monthly pricing it offers as a serious and highly viable alternative.


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