MEOSAT’s O3b system goes live

by Clayton Vallabhan | August 16th, 2015

meosat_teaser_posterMEOSAT has announced that its O3b system is live and operational, delivering uninterrupted network service to Southern Iraq.  Oilfields enabled by digital technologies provide the highest ROI and have the greatest potential to reduce risk, optimize production and contribute to higher operational efficiency for Oil & Gas operators. This is made ever more relevant and urgent with the recent fall in oil prices. MEOSAT is a key network infrastructure provider, bridging the digital technologies, from remote oil and gas fields in Southern Iraq to anywhere in the world where required.

MEOSAT’s end-to-end network solution is delivering uninterrupted network service anywhere from Southern Iraq.  This next generation technology solution combines the advanced fiber-speed of the O3b satellite backbone with Redline Communications’ proven Virtual Fiber point-to-point and point-to-multipoint industrial wireless backhaul systems.

Low latency connectivity is a critical enabler for energy operators, ensuring performance sensitive applications such as ERP (Citrix, Oracle, SAP) and real time monitoring and control will operate flawlessly over the O3b network just as they do over a fiber network.

Michael A. Iwanow, MEOSAT’s CEO said: “For the first time in history in Iraq, Internet with 140ms steady round-trip latency can be experienced live, with no downtime. The result for operators is, significantly enhanced operational efficiency, cost savings, enablement of cloud sensitive applications and a seamless user experience”

“A high performance wide-area network is key to improving efficiency and productivity in oil field operations and Redline is pleased to deliver the terrestrial portion of the MEOSAT solution”, added Robert Williams, Redline CEO. “Our Virtual Fiber terrestrial wireless network cost effectively and seamlessly extends the O3b satellite service to virtually any location in southern Iraq.”

MEOSAT is currently giving energy operators the opportunity to test the performance of the service at its Network Operations Centre (NOC) in Basra Industrial Community. Operators who have seen the performance have been impressed, confirming they can easily use their ERP software as well as perform live video conferencing with zero delays.

Operators have the flexibility to buy or lease a full end-to-end communications system covering all facets of their telecommunications operations in Iraq.

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