ND SatCom speeds up DSNG

by Staff Reporter | September 17th, 2012

 The new XRacer DSNG system from ND SatCom reportedly allows live video uplinks on the move, at speeds of up to 120kph, and has a more-conventional raised dish for static set ups.

The satellite antenna comes with a Comms-On-The-Move phase-array antenna from Raysat, which can reportedly transmit at up to 4mbps. This is hidden under a dome on the back of the main Skyray Compact antenna, and “means you can transmit all the time while you are driving,” which is ideal, the company claims, for truly fast-moving stories, explained Michael Hirschle, system engineer for mobile stations. It uses ND SatCom’s own SkyWAN modem, which is fully meshed, so users can transmit directly from one uplink to the other, without going back to a hub first.

The VW Amarok-based unit also comes with built-in editing station and redundant power systems.

The main antenna system uses automatic pointing and all system parameters can reportedly be up and running at the push of a button. An ND SatCom App allows the crew to operate the XRacer via smart phone.

Using ND SatCom’s Media Fleet Manager, the vehicle’s transmission capabilities can reportedly be remotely controlled from the network hub station, to let the crew concentrate on getting the story. The Media Fleet Manager is, the company claims, an easy-to-use management tool to plan, schedule and book DVB and IP uplink sessions via fixed and mobile stations


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