Newtec’s Ka-band technology tested on SES Broadband

by Staff Reporter | March 10th, 2012

SES Broadband satellite dish (previously called Astra2Connect satellite dish)

Satellite specialist Newtec announced that they have successfully tested Newtec’s Ka-band technology for SES Broadband (previously called Astra2Connect). Newtec has reportedly shipped more than 100.000 Ku-band Sat3Playterminals for SES Broadband and is now providing the next generation Ka-band terminals for SES Broadband evolution, featuring, according to the manufacturer, download speeds beyond 10 Mbps.

The test was completed with next generation Ka-band Sat3Play terminals and related hub infrastructure. The new technology was tested on the Astra 1L Ka-band capacity at 19.2 degrees East.

“We have jointly tested and validated the Sat3Play Ka-band platform from Newtec with the objective of proving operational readiness for a rollout of SES Broadband Ka-band services later this year. The upgrade of existing end user terminals and the next generation Ka-band terminals, featuring speeds beyond 10 Mbps, are part of the SES strategy to bring its successful broadband service to the next level,” said Patrick Biewer, managing director, SES Broadband Services.

During testing, Newtec installed a Sat3Play hub at SES Broadband Services’ premises in Luxembourg, provided several Ka-band terminals working on Astra-1L Ka-band frequencies, and also provided the ability to remotely operate the hub.

Serge Van Herck, CEO of Newtec, commented: “The testing has been a clear success. We have now completed the tests and look forward to the operational start of the SES Broadband Ka-band services later this year.”

SES Broadband currently offers download speeds up to 10 Mbps and delivers broadband internet and Voice Over IP (VOIP) services to private households and small businesses. SES will further increase the performance of its service by using additional multiple spot beam Ka-band capacity that will become available onboard its Astra 2F, 2E and 2G spacecraft, with the first spacecraft, Astra 2F, scheduled for launch later in 2012.

At Satellite 2012, Newtec is presenting this new Ku/Ka-band Sat3Play terminal, including a new modem and a new Ka-band interactive LNB unit.


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