Norsat satellite locator App available for Android

by Staff Reporter | October 31st, 2012

Norsat President & CEO, Dr. Aimee Chan

Norsat International Inc. has launched their Satellite Locator App for Android.

The App, which reportedly enables users to locate geostationary satellites, assess obstructions and point satellite ground terminals, is now available as a free download for Android mobile phones and tablets on GooglePlay. The Satellite Locator, downloaded, the company claims, nearly ten thousand times for iPhone, was developed, according to a company spokesman, for Android to enable a greater portion of Norsat’s diverse user base to take advantage of smartphone technology to point satellite terminals, such as Norsat’s GlobeTrekker system.

The application reportedly enables users to locate satellites by overlaying a spatially accurate arc of satellites on a mobile phone or tablet screen. The app also provides additional information via a complete satellite almanac.

As per the release, users launch the application and point the mobile phone or tablet at the sky to view an easy-to-understand graphical display of all geostationary satellites in the direction the device is pointed. As the user sweeps their device across the sky they can identify, the company claims, the elevation and direction of the satellite they wish to use, and use the almanac to find more information, including orbital position, azimuth, and polarization. Any obstructions viewed between the user and the satellite can be visually identified, reportedly allowing the user to change their position or move the obstruction, in order to achieve a satellite lock.

Norsat President & CEO, Dr. Aimee Chan stated, “We originally developed the Satellite Locator App in response a common customer support request for assistance with satellite pointing, and after the success of the App for iPhone, we’re pleased to once again respond to our customers’ feedback with the launch of the Android App. This launch enables us to provide a larger mobile phone user base with a simple way to locate satellites, assess any obstructions in the line of sight and mitigate certain problems when aligning their ground terminals. The launch of the Android App is a great example of the customer focused development that we take pride in at Norsat.”


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