Paksat CEO: “We plan to partner with local media cities”

by Staff Reporter | March 2nd, 2012

Usman Bajwa, CEO

With plans to partner with local media hubs, Paksat CEO Usman Bajwa believes that the Pakistan-based satellite operator is well positioned to leverage and emulate its success in South Asia, across the MENA region.

At CABSAT 2012, Paksat showcased its new satellite Paksat-1R which was successfully launched in August 2011, and became operational in October 2011, providing continuity of service with reportedly a  successful transition of all customers in telecoms, data and broadcast from Paksat-1 to the new satellite.

Speaking to SatellitePro Middle East on the sidelines of CABSAT 2012, Bajwa elaborated on the Multiple Channel per Carrier (MCPC) service that Paksat will be offering across the region. He said: “We plan to continue expanding our services across the region, with a focus on GSM operators, data and internet service providers and TV broadcasters in the Middle East and Africa with an offer of reliable C and Ku-band satellite capacity and cost-effective broadcast solutions.” (Read about Paksat’s plans for the region in the April issue of SatellitePro ME)

Paksat’s MCPC service

Paksat will offer Multiple Channel per Carrier (MCPC) service on Paksat-1R from international teleports strategically located in the region, providing access to millions of cable-based households across the Middle East, South Asia, Africa and Europe. Paksat’s MCPC service will address video distribution needs by combining fibre connectivity, hosting, up-linking, video turnaround and satellite capacity into a fully integrated video broadcast solution.

The service will, the company claims, provide cost-effective broadcast options for existing and new TV channels as well as offer customers the flexibility to expand their channel lineup as they grow.

Key features of the Paksat MCPC service include:

1. Paksat -1R C-band coverage

2. Standard Definition SD MPEG-2 system

3. Upgradeable to support SD MPEG-4 and HD MPEG-4

4. Redundant video transmission and uplink chain

5. Rack space for customer’s video playout servers

6. Video playout server lease option

7. 24 / 7 customer support


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