Romantis releases new software for UHP VSAT platform

by Staff Reporter | March 8th, 2013

Romantis, a provider of satellite capacity and satellite networking equipment, has released UHP 3.0 software upgrade for its Universal Hardware Platform (UHP).

UHP 3.0 software features:

∙      Enhanced performance of UHP satellite router ensures up to 60,000 packets per second and up to 150 Mbps aggregate throughput.

∙      Increased number of supported TDMA Inroutes (up to 254 per network), including Fast-Hopping MF-TDMA and TCP/IP acceleration.

∙      Extended number of supported terminals (up to 2,040 per Inroute or above 500,000 per network).

∙      New advanced traffic management capabilities: Group Hierarchical QoS, Traffic Policies and Hierarchical 680-channel Traffic Shaper.

∙      Adaptive technologies combining automatic Transmission Level Control (TLC) and DVB-S2 Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) available both for TDM/TDMA networks and SCPC channels.

∙      Multi-profile operations with dynamic switching between different configuration settings and/or modes of operations, including TDM/TDMA, SCPC and Hubless TDMA.

∙      Streamlined web interface with enhanced management capabilities providing easy and intuitive commissioning and operating of UHP routers.

∙      Retains core features of UHP satellite router such as seamless support for  Mesh TDMA, second demodulator, low (under 10W) power consumption and ultra-fast (under 15 seconds) start-up.

This software could, the company claims, be easily installed on any of the previously-shipped UHP routers.


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