TS2 launches new Ka-band satellite services in Afghanistan

by Staff Reporter | February 28th, 2013

TS2 Satellite Technologies is reportedly among the first carriers to have access to Avanti’s Hylas 2, the satellite designed for broadband communications. It is equipped with Ka bandwidth transponders that enable bidirectional data transmission and additional services for corporations, individuals, and government agencies in rapidly growing international markets.

TS2 launches the first commercial links in Afghanistan, where its strategic customers are located, but it will also in selected African and East European countries, and, in Poland.

Hylas 2 was placed on the orbit at 31°E on August 2, 2012. It has 24 Ku-band transmitting and six receiving transponders. Its estimated life is more than 15 years (fuel stock for 16 years). The satellite has been built by Orbital Sciences Corporation and it has a throughput nearly three times as high as that of Hylas 1.

Principal uses:

  • access to the Internet and all IP services that is fully independent of terrestrial connections
  • guaranteed VoIP, VPN, and videoconferencing connections
  • backbone and corporate network solutions
  • backhaul satellite solutions for GSM networks to extend cellular telephony reach
  • ensured communications in case of terrestrial network failures

TS2 was reportedly among the first to supply satellite communications systems for coalition troops and international corporations operating in Afghanistan.

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