Viva Bahrain joins datamena ecosystem

by Staff Reporter | May 17th, 2014

Datamena has announced that Viva Bahrain, the kingdom’s telecom operator, has joined its ecosystem. Datamena is a Dubai-based carrier-neutral data centre and connectivity platform, serving the Middle East and Africa region.

Through this partnership, Viva Bahrain will extend its presence into datamena in Dubai, opening up interconnectivity benefits with the global and regional carriers that datamena hosts. Enterprises and carriers currently within the datamena ecosystem will benefit from enhanced and amplified connectivity toward Bahrain and the region through Viva’s backbone network.

Viva Bahrain plans to peer on the UAE exchange, benefiting from low-latency peering with global and regional content.

“We welcome Viva Bahrain into the datamena ecosystem. Our customers will benefit from Viva Bahrain’s presence, which will open up and enhance the connectivity with Bahrain and the region, bringing even more benefits into the rich environment that datamena offers,” says Mahesh Jaishankar, Vice-President of datamena.




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