Fastwave Nautilus tracking marine assets

by Staff Reporter | March 12th, 2012

The Fastwave Nautilus is an intelligent tracking unit. By utilising the Iridium satellite network, it reportedly enables tracking anywhere in the world.

On-board geo-fencing capability enables the tracker to change reporting mode, for example when the tracker is within its defined deployed geo-fence, it can routinely report once every three hours. However, if the tracker moves outside of the geo-fence, reporting will automatically change to a shorter duty cycle, for example every 10 minutes. This feature allows close monitoring of assets if it moves outside of the deployed geo-fence.

The Nautilus is designed for integration into data buoys, floating platforms and other marine infrastructure. Australia-based Fastwave Communications focuses on integrating satellite telemetry systems with sensors, process control equipment and terrestrial communication systems to provide global, real-time asset visibility.

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