Vocality’s satellite aware IP, voice and RoIP router

by Staff Reporter | March 17th, 2012

Julian Bashford, CEO of Vocality

VoIP and IP router manufacturer, Vocality, has launched Basics Hybrid that can be supplied as a small, standalone boxed unit, or in an OEM-ready 4 inch (9cm) square PC104 board, making it, according to the manufacturer, one of the most integrated communications baseband-ready devices available in the world today. A company spokesman added: “It is going to lead to innovative new tactical and mobile satellite systems for the fast responder community”.

Basics Hybrid is designed for:
  • Manpack communications systems
  • SWAP reduced mobile tactical bases
  • Satellite news gathering flyaways
  • Integrated/interoperable communications
  • Hand-portable multi-function bases over Satcom


Basics Hybrid is reportedly one of the smallest one-card mobile solution for getting just about everything over IP, including video, VoIP, RoIP, secure comms and serial controlled devices. The product takes size reduction seriously with a palm-sized fully integrated router capable of essential tactical communications.

A company spokesman added: “The unique combination of small size, low weight and reduced power (SWaP), is ideal for fast responders, field reporters and tactical operators. The mixture of voice, data, serial and radio relay, along with its easy-to-use menu interface, makes Basics Hybrid the perfect solution for the fast responder or the field communicator needing immediate access to major communication standards, including PTT radios, phones and laptop data services.

Technical features include:

  • Full satellite-aware network router
  • RTP/IP and TCP/IP Packet Aggregation for Communication Efficiency (PACE)
  • 1 x IP WAN port & 2 x switched LAN ports
  • 2 x FXS voice ports (POTS to SIP, STE secure voice)
  • 2 x RoIP ports (four wire E&M voice interfaces)
  • 2 x async serial ports (RoIP control data connection)
  • 1 x sync WAN port (legacy serial connections)
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